Donor Thank You

Recovery Warehouse would like to thank all the Volunteers who donate their time… Thank you to the private parties and corporations who donate funds and the items we need to build a successful warehouse. Thank you to our community… for together we will “Help Rebuild the Souris Valley”.

A BIG THANK YOU to Souris River Designs who donated some beautiful bathroom vanities and lighting fixtures. Souris River Designs supports Recovery Warehouse in many ways and continues to help people in the valley recover through their generosity.

Menards dedication to help the Souris Valley and Recovery Warehouse succeed in rebuilding efforts is what corporate responsibility is all about! Menards in Minot is giving back to the community that is home to its employees, the Minot store is working 24-7 to do the best they can to supply the Souris Valley. Their corporate office knows Minot employees need additional help and rest, so they fly in staff and pay their expenses. They package our purchases to maximize our warehouse capacity, supplying us with pallets for our kiting process. Menards lets us order by the house, taking on a large portion of our work load. They offer us great customer service, spending hours to help us get the most bang for our buck with our donated dollars. Menards is helping us supply more building materials to more homes! Thank You… Menards Corporate / Management, Contractor Sales, Warehouse Employees and Menards Delivery!!!

SRT Communications supports Recovery Warehouse with phone and Internet services at no charge! Thank you SRT, your generosity gives Recovery Warehouse the opportunity to communicate efficiently with donors and volunteers.

A HUGE Thank You to the City of Minot, who had the vision to sign a lease and pay for the running costs of our first year in the warehouse. They knew that for us to be able to help people, we needed a physical warehouse. Their vision of Recovery Warehouse filled with building materials is our vision too. Together, with the volunteer construction teams we will be able to help flooded homeowners.

Thank You to Minot Public Schools for our desks and filing cabinets! I just love these old oak desks with the slide outs! The fit perfect in our office!

Big THANK YOU to KX News Minot, KX provided us with round the clock coverage of the flood. Their Facebook page also assisted people who needed help during the evacuation. It was an online place to ask for help and people responded quickly. We also would like to thank them for letting us use news clips on our website and their continued support by reporting on our activities.

AmeriCorps NCCC Volunteers have helped us get the warehouse up and running. They have helped set up the computers, stage the building materials and clean the offices. We couldn’t have done it without their help!! Thanks Team!

The State of ND has awarded the long term recovery efforts in Minot 3.5 million dollars. Recovery Warehouse is a part of this grant and will receive one million eight hundred thousand dollars to purchase building materials! This is a HUGE boost to our efforts to help flooded families get back into their homes! Click Here for the Minot Daily Article to learn more about this grant. Thank you ND state Legislators.

We would like to thank RMR Joint Venture for their generous donation. RMR consists of Rolac, Real Builders and Mattson construction companies of Minot. They have delivered $99,000 worth of building materials! These materials will help us supply the Volunteer Carpentry Crews in the rebuilding process! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

We are very happy to announce that the North Dakota Community Foundation has awarded Recovery Warehouse a $50,000 grant to purchase building materials to supply the Hope Village Construction Volunteers! Thank you so very much ND Community Foundation!

Minot Lumber continually helps homeowners rebuild by offering great pricing and service. They also help us get building materials in the hands of homeowners through the Unmet Needs Voucher Program. Thank You Minot Lumber!

Thank you to the Minot Daily News! Your articles on the warehouse help spread the word about the warehouse and our goal to help flooded homeowners!

Ready Builders donated flooring and other miscellaneous building supplies including the Kitchen Sink through our contractors care program. Thank you Ready Builders!

Walmart 12 Days of Giving- Essay Contest awarded $10,000 used to purchase building supplies. Thank You Walmart Foundation!

ACME TOOLS supports Recovery Warehouse by providing material management. They also help us support the volunteer construction teams with tools. Thank You ACME!

AIS Equipment, Inc. has offered us the use of a forklift, the duration of our project. With their support we are able to move materials in the warehouse where needed. Thank you AIS!

The Computer Store offers us the best in technical service, guarantying reliable computing and data collection. Tracking our inventory is mandatory for us to receive grant dollars. Thank You to the helpful staff at the Computer Store!

Souris Valley United Way helps us in so many ways, from getting the word out to being our Fiscal Agent. They are a backbone of support. The United Way is committed to helping our community heal and supports our Long Term Recovery.

Tuff Enough Towing helps us move the equipment we need for the warehouse, like our forklift. They are always there for us when we need them. Thanks Tuff Enough!

Verendrye Electric supplied us with the ability to feed the workers at the warehouse by providing a grill for cooking. Because Recovery Warehouse is located in a rural area this saves our Volunteers travel expenses.

Recovery Warehouse

As we struggle to rebuild in Minot, the funds homeowners have to work with are on the average 40% of what they need for materials alone.

We need your help to lessen the gap for those who will not be able to rebuild without our help.

It is difficult for us as we know that everyone, 4,100 families need help. The cost of over $100,000 to rebuild compared to the aid available is tragic. Those who before the flood where “comfortable” are now deeply in debt.

This video is a very accurate example of what homeowners’ face, the stress they are enduring and the time it takes to rebuild their lives.

Many flood victims do not have the monetary or physical ability to rebuild their home. At Recovery Warehouse we consider these “at Risk Homes”. As homeowners continue to work on their homes, the extent of the damage and labor required to rebuild is debilitating. To help flood survivors heal, Recovery Warehouse and Volunteer Construction Teams from all over the United States want to “Rebuild the Souris Valley!

Help us support the volunteer construction crews, who are committed to The Souris River Basin Long Term Recovery.

How you can help…

Monetary Donations to Recovery Warehouse allow us flexibility to purchase building materials for the Hope Village Construction Volunteers . Donations give us the ability to purchase materials as needed.

In-Kind Donations of New Building Materials from Manufacturers are also encourged. To see a complete list of our wish list please visit the Aidmatrix.

Who are they?
The Construction Volunteers are faith based teams who are coming from all over the US to provide donated building services to the residents of the Souris Valley. Some are the Hope Village Construction Volunteers, we call them that because they will be staying at Hope Village. Hope Village will provide a place to sleep, shower and eat. Recovery Warehouse will help with building materials. Tools are also available onsite so they have what they need to accomplish their rebuilding projects.

What are their skills?
The volunteer teams consist of electricians, carpenters and general construction specialists. Volunteers of various skill levels will work on teams with the supervision of seasoned professionals.

How long will they be helping?
Many faith based volunteers helped us evacuate. They got the “mud out” and now helping to “button up” basements so when the ground water freezes, it will not compromise the home’s foundation. These construction volunteers have been active in disaster recovery rebuilding for years. They know that it will take time to help those in need and have committed to two to four years of service.

Who do we serve?
Recovery Warehouse supplies building materials to Multi Agency Construction Volunteers dedicated to rebuilding “at Risk Homes”. Our primary focus is to help people unable to hire or perform the work themselves. Our focus is to help those most in need, the elderly, single-parent families, people with disabilities or residents who are uninsured or underinsured.

Rotary Planting Hope

Help us Green Up the city of Minot by adopting a yard or a city park!

During the summer of 2011 Minot, North Dakota and the Souris River Valley was inundated by floodwaters damaging 20% of the city with more than 4,100 homes and yards being damaged. The watercovered so many homes that 2,376 had 6-10 feet of water and an additional 805 homes weredamaged beyond repair. The flood waters that covered our yards and parks for nearly a month leftbehind silt, sand and mud, killing all of the grass.

The cleanup and rebuilding process will take years for the city of Minot. Minot Rotary clubsare helping with this process by raising funds to purchase grass seed. The grass seed will be donatedto homeowners and the Minot Park District so we can begin to green up the the more than 4,000yards and 300 park acres that were under water.

Helping by the Numbers
1 yard requires 30lbs of grass seed
30lbs of grass seed costs $45
1 acre of a park, school or city block requires 220lbs of grass seed
220 lbs of grass seed costs $330

The Goal is simple
The goal of Rotary Planting Hope is to provide enough grass seed to replant the yardsof the more than 4,000 homes and 300 acres of parks that were damaged by the 2011Mouse River Flood.


Homeowners of the Souris Valley, located in Northwestern North Dakota, are struggling after a 500 year flood occurred in July; 2011. The unprecedented flood waters left over 4,000 homes unlivable and displaced over 12,000 residents. Flood protection built after the 1969 flood was thought to protect many homes that incurred water up to their roof tops in 2011. Of the 4,000+ homes damaged, less than 400 had flood insurance. Although homeowners received FEMA disaster funds, many did not receive SBA low interest loans. They need our help to rebuild their homes and our neighborhoods. The Souris River flood of 2011 was the only level 5 disaster in the US that year, yet few are aware of magnitude of loss this disaster caused.

The Souris River (“Souris” translates to “Mouse”) is a winding river that originates in Canada; makes a U turn SE of Minot, ND and returns to Canada. The Mouse River is normally narrow and shallow, but in the spring of 2011 Canada got 7” of rain on top of higher than normal precipitation. The Corps of Engineers held back the water to give Souris Valley residents time to evacuate, when the dam reservoirs reached maximum capacity, the gates where opened and a wall of water came down on us.

Minot and surrounding communities evacuated twice during the spring flood of 2011, nothing happened the first time; the second evacuation three weeks later was a different story. People where exhausted when the second mandatory evacuation was ordered. In three short days they had to empty their homes again. Many knew that they did not have the ability to clear out their homes. They where amazed when a flatbed backed into their driveway, complete with a team of movers. These movers went door to door to find evacuees who needed help, loaded up their belongings, moved them out and proceeded to the next person in need. These volunteer movers are members of
Mennonite Disaster Service Organization.

When the sirens sounded at 12:57 p.m. on June 22, 2011 an ominous silence overtook the valley… we waited, waited for the crest, waited for the water to recede, and waited for the ability to proceed. Citizens watched the Boat Tour and the Minot Flood Aerial Tour videos to get a glance at their homes.

It took two to eight weeks before residents could return to their homes and assess the damage. The flood waters stayed with us longer than any other flood in US history. Due to the swiftness of the water over 800 homes were knocked off their foundations. 3,000+ restorable homes had muck and mold filled basements, main floors and in some cases 2nd floors. The devastation was more than we imagined, numerous homeowners sat bewildered, the daunting task of clean-up appeared insurmountable. Then members of The Multi Agency Disaster Relief Team came to our community to “get the muck out”. They not only cleaned homes quickly, but also provided some light at the end of the tunnel for homeowners.

The Multi Agency Disaster Relief Team is committed to the long term recovery from the Souris Valley 2011 Flood. They “got the muck out” and they have over 1,000 volunteer carpenters coming to the Souris Valley in the Spring. Our goal is to have the warehouse filled with building materials to “Let the Building Begin”!

For six weeks the people in our communities, Airmen from the Minot Air Force Base, the National Guard and the Corps of Engineers fought back the Souris River. Temporary dikes where built to the highest level the base would allow. When word came of the rainfall in Canada and the prognoses that the water would be seven feet higher than originally thought, there was nothing we could do to protect our communities.

The boat tour gave us a first had look of the amount of water that covered our valley. Homeowners got their first indication of the amount of damage their property endured. Flood water covered 20% of Minot, ND and took out rural farms and communities throughout the valley, leaving total devastation in its wake.